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About Us.

Women and Girls Advancement and Resources Centre is an Abuja based non-governmental organization working to improve the socio-economic, political and psychological well-being and the health conditions of the most discriminated and marginalized group of the society - women/girls and youth.

The aim is to improve the social wellbeing of women and youths (male and female adolescents) in Nigeria by providing support to them based on emerging trends and dynamics of the country in economic empowerment, civic and social participation and leadership, sexual reproductive health rights and access to employment and other essential services including education, water & sanitation and health care.

Given the demanding challenges faced by this group in accessing socio-economic empowerment opportunities, over the years WAGARC in its strategic commitment to making development work for women/girls and youth has partnered with relevant stakeholders, particularly the Civil Society groups and Development partners to implement various activities (development programmes and campaigns) in Nigeria.

WAGARC has developed the economic capacity of young people in FCT and Enugu State to be self-reliant through training and retraining, Creative and skill acquisition in tech and digital market, beauty and fashion, catering and confectionary, economic empowerment and seed grants for business startups to indigent persons (widows and orphans) and a follow-up monitoring mechanism of recipients of our services through mentorship and coaching, reflection and expert evaluation of outcomes and analysis of impact.

The Center uses its skilled manpower and research capacity to fill the gap in gender and social inclusion programming and planning in Nigeria due to a lack of accurate and adequate data, information and knowledge management. This is a critical block in the progressive developmental journey and survival of Nigerian society. Hence, our interest in building, developing, and promoting activities that understudy the root causes, trends and drivers of inequality in Nigeria.

With evident operations in the FCT, Enugu, Imo and Abia States, WAGARC expects to bolster the chances of women and youths in becoming self-reliant and useful economic components of the society.


Working with women and men to influence policies and practises that address patriarchy in society.


Creating a society where people can live with dignity, have their basic needs met and their basic rights respected.


WAGARC is committed to implementing interventions that promote social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication using the Human Rights Based Approach.