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About Us.

Founded in early 2013 but formally registered with Corporate Affairs in 2015, Women and Girls’ Advancement and Resources Centre (WAGARC) is a youth-led organization for women and youth programmes in Nigeria. We are working to promote the human rights of women and youth with the mission to contribute to the achievement of good governance, sustainable development and transformative leadership through Capacity building, Advocacy and Influencing, advancing human rights and gender justice both in the formal and informal sector.
We support, engage, influence and sustain young people through our exchange programs, leadership boot camps, Volunteer and Internship Placements; Research Competition, Creative Writing skills and Documentation and Skills Development.


Working with women and men to influence policies and practises that address patriarchy in society.


Creating a society where people can live with dignity, have their basic needs met and their basic rights respected.


WAGARC is committed to implementing interventions that promote social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication using the Human Rights Based Approach.